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   Creating zines:

  • How do I fold a zine?

Most of the zines in our Zine Library are folded into 8 pages, printed on one piece of letter paper (8.5"x11"). Here's how to fold those types of zines:  

  • Can I submit a zine that I created to your website? 

Yes! Visit this page to learn tips on how to make a science zine and requirements for how to submit them. It would be posted in our library under this non-commercial creative commons license (read more).

  • How do I create my own science zine? 

Anyone can make a science zine! Visit this page for tips.


   Using zines in your community:  

  • Do I have permission to distribute the zines in the Zine Library?
All zines from our Zine Library* can be distributed as long as the use is noncommercial and you properly attribute the original zine creator - read more about these rules under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license
*Not all of the zines that we write about in our blog are in our Zine Library-if you do not see the zine in our Zine Library, contact the original author of the zine for permission to distribute. 
  • Do you have ideas of where I can share or distribute zines? 
    • Libraries 
    • Coffee shops 
    • Subway stations 
    • Science and nature events - Leave them on the audiences' chairs before the event! (You may want to contact the organizer first for permission)
    • Farmers Markets 
    • Zine Fests (which many major cities host - research your city's zine community)
    • Or just share the zines on your social media 
  • How can teachers use these with students? Do zines have educational value?
Read this research white paper (PDF) "Engaging Participatory Literacy through Science Zines" written by the founder of the Small Science Collective, Andrew S Yang. It provides ideas, examples, and discusses the educational value of small science zines.

   More Resources

  • Do you have social media? I want to follow you. 
We have a Tumblr that we are no longer updating, however it is a great resource that has many of our zines in readable format. Many of the Tumblr posts are linked to in our 
Zine Library.