Snake Legs, Chick Tracts & Evolution

For years handy, brightly colored comics have been finding there way in every park bench, waiting room and bus stop you could imagine. Inside are stories of everyday life that quickly turn into ones of Eternal Damnation. If you have never seen one of these Chick tracts, then you are rare case indeed.

In their fundamentalist Christian spirit, a number of these tracts also tell of the evils of evolution and the impossibility of creatures changing over time. These days Creationists have come up with a new version of their views, called Intelligent Design, but which still suffers from any real scientific credibility

As an alternative to the mis-information these tracts and that Intelligent Design put out, C.D. and I have penned a Chick-like zine called Snake Legs and Wisdom Teeth that talks a little about some of the overwhelming evidence that exits for evolution by natural selection and against notions like Intelligent Design, including the rudiments that still exist in many organisms, remnants of their roots in other, ancestor organisms.

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