Hole in yer Head!

My Ma always told me I needed more candy "like a hole in the head." If the "cavities" in my teeth were any indication, she was probably right.

Still, it is unfair to say all the holes in our heads aren't useful. In fact without them we would be pretty lost in the world, and much more boring as people. Think about losing your ability to smell lilacs, listen to Michael Jackson's Thriller, savor an avocado burrito, and watch the Muppet Show - all at the same time! We would be so sensory-deprived without the lovely holes in our heads. True, we wouldn't get sneezed on while riding the bus, but that's a matter of proper handkerchief use, not your nostrils....

This zine, "Hole in yer head" explores the portals in your skull with actual holes through the zine itself + some intriguing facts along the way. Click on the image, or the hyperlink above to get a copy.