@@@ Endless Spirals @@@

Spirals, spirals everywhere: galaxies, hurricanes, snail shells, your bathtub water - what is the deep connection (or IS there one?)

This new zine is a collaboration between and astrophysicist and graphic artist explores this question a la a mini-zine. There is a lot of gossip and hearsay about the universal nature of spiral forms, here is the skinny from a scientist.

As always, click on the image above, or here, to get a download of this 1-page-to-8-page fold zine. And too - don't forgot the directions for folding all these guys is always at hand.

- - Click on the image below here to simply read it as a complete web comic!

Of course, some spirals ARE everywhere, especially in the twisted (literally) world of artist Junji Ito. His manga Uzumaki - some panels shown below - is about how a town gets taken over by spirals, more spirals, and their dark spinning ways. The manga are brilliant-creepy , and the recent film version is pretty good too, if you are ready to be freaked out.