Small Science @ Hip Lit

This past Saturday the Small Science Collective shared space with the generous Ladyfriend zine to spread the small science words and images at the Hip Lit Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

We distributed over twenty different zines ranging every conceivable topic. At 10 cents a pop, we took in $16 to cover photocopy costs, which means 160 small science zines made their way out and about in the wide world. perhaps educating someone on the pros and cons of GMO foods (posted to the site soon), on fingerprints, or fake smiles, and etc. or etc.

Although not in time for the fair, two new zines about how birds make decisions (!), and how global warming is affecting
how sea life dresses are both on the way, care of two new scientist-contributors to the Collective!

Look for "Endless Spirals" - a collaboration by astrophysicist Jeff Oishi and drawer Christa Donner already on a park bench near you, and to be posted here soon...