:::For the Birds:::

Are you a birdwatcher? Or perhaps at least a frequent bird seer? It is hard to avoid them: pigeons, seagulls, robins, and of course, the chicken. Even if you stay in your house all day, you might catch a glimpse of Big Bird on your public television.

But what is the origin of these feathery friends, biologically speaking? Who are their closest relatives? Why the lizardy-feet? This zine For the Birds explores these questions and includes some information on bird-like creatures of the past like Archaeopteryx and Pterodactyls.

It turns out, that looking at the biochemistry of T. rex tells us something about where birds came from - confirming what was already pretty well known: the dinosaur connection! Evolution is an incredible force for sure...

Click the cover image above or here for a copy of the zine - as usual, printable at home on 8.5 x 11" paper and ready to be photocopied and folded!

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