Small Science "Field Work"

The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium all in one place makes Chicago a science-lovers dream. Stars,to sea, to savannah, these museums have it all making it a prime destination for visitors in the summer.

Small Science is taking to those sidewalks this summer and offering science zines to any and all takers - of which I am happy to report, there are many.

Carrying a small tray packed with 15 or so different zines on a variety of topics and a sign that says "Free Science!" we've been handing them out to many enthusiastic folk interested in learning a little more about fingerprints, birds, spirals, cicadas, botflies, and many things besides. A boy and his mom look into the Holes in their Heads (left) while a guy shares a romantic moment by picking out the the evolution zine Snake Legs and Wisdom Teeth for his girlfriend (aw, shucks).

Some people said they wanted to make zines of their own, others confessed their head was too full from a day of museums, but were taking one to read on the bus ride home anyway. That is what makes small science handy - it's bite size, portable, and never makes you drowsy....

In two days we gave out hundreds of zines to the science hungry. More coming online but meanwhile for the range of what is downloadable, check out here.