That Gut Feeling

This past June in Mexico I got sick - stomach sick in that worst sort of way. Many talk of "Montezuma's Revenge," but if this is true, he is having some sort of bacteria doing the dirty work of causing the illness.

We often think bacteria = enemy instinctively. Think of all the anti-bacterial products out on the market singing the gospel of hygiene. Ironically such products have likely only made the problems worse.

It is often forgotten that many bacteria are actually beneficial, and that indeed without them we couldn't live: our very bodies are a welcome host and collaborator with trillions of bacteria, more in fact than our own human cells.

This zine, Gut Feeling discusses this intimate relationship as one to consider more carefully. Without even taking antibiotics my body healed from the stomach bug of Mexico - most likely due to a tag-team performance of my immune system and native gut friends both. Be nice to them - eat some yogurt!

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