Insect Sex Ed - "It's Perfectly Normal"

We have all experienced or heard of the lore of sex education class - the mandatory, uncomfortable and sometimes ill-conceived attempt to teach youngsters the "facts of life."

From a evolutionary point of view thinking of reproduction in these terms is really right on the mark - the traits and behaviors of many organisms are the consequence of natural selection and it is the case that the Birds and Bees alike have evolved very elaborate means to attract mates and have offspring.

Written and scientifically illustrated in careful detail by Alexandra Westrich, this zine, "It's Perfectly Normal" takes the Sex Ed textbook theme and puts it in the insect context, guiding us through rings you through a sampling the wide variety in strategies that have evolved in the insect world in the competition to reproduce. Covering topics such as pleasant sounding as "nuptial gifts" and scary as "hypodermic insemination" the zine gives a nice introduction to just how strange the world is

In pulling from human cultural perspectives on sex, this zine shares some kindred spirit to projects such as Olivia's Judson's book/BBC series Dr. Tatiana's Guide to Sex or Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno.

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