Diamonds are Forever (and ever, and ever)

They say "diamonds are a girl's best friend" - though I can't say I've ever met one who agrees.

They are however, a natural wonder on many levels. The hardest natural material on the planet, these dense crystals of carbon atoms shine with a clear and angular beauty. You can actually make diamonds industrially and it seems some diamonds come from outer space or may be created upon meteor impacts. Usually they come from mines in Africa, and this has its own complex social, political, and economic issues behind it, not the least being so-called "blood diamonds" or "conflict diamonds."

Shaped like small diamonds, these zines introduce these ideas and a few others besides. Click here for a printable PDF that contain six of these mini-zines per sheet (marked by red lines). Thus, each mini-zine has this form:

Fold each into eighths, and then follow the direction to cut off the one corner, and viola! A diamond.

- - Click the image below to read it as a web mini-comic: