Ocean "Acid Influx" ?

Life has evolved on a ever-changing earth, this much is true. The effects that the massive amounts of carbon dioxide we continue to release through fossil fuel use has naturally focused on the atmosphere into which all that gas first goes. But of course land to air, air to ocean - a planet's biogeochemical cycle is connected all the way through; absorption of all this carbon dioxide into the oceans is having some alarming consequences such as ocean acidification. (Acid rain sure - but acid oceans too?)

Recent reports by scientists have only called more strongly for action on carbon dioxide emissions not only because of its influence on global warming, but also because of how this acidification may harm marine life, including already endangered corals and as well as a whole range of shelled organisms, not the least being the tiny plankton that form the base of ocean food systems.

This new zine "Ocean Acidification" by biologist Beth Archie illustrates and introduces us to the issue at hand - click on either of the images or the link HERE to download this zine to share with others.

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