The Future of Energy?

In a world and economy dominated for so long by the fossil fuels, what is the future of energy? This new zine Sun, Wind, Water explores just this question

While oil and coal seems like the most "economical "options, that in fact may be a short-sighted view of the economic realities of things that finally we a waking up too. Some recent articles on alternative energies are certainly sponsored by oil companies, though we have yet to see a real commitment to the future of sustainable and non-polluting power that solar, wind, and even new forms of water power might be able to provide.

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As for "small science" a la the issue of energy, consider these amazing energy guides that artist, designer and scientist Nim Lee has crafted on a number of energy issues, including cards on How to Use Energy and How to Consume.

In these not only will you get plenty of useful information, such as how the average food product travels 1685 miles before reaching you at the grocery store, but what you can do about it in terms of the decisions you can make as a consumer to reduce your energy usage.

Of course there are other important steps we can all take as well:

Just a few days ago people across the planet celebrated Earth Hour 2009 by turning of all of there non-essential lights off.

Of course, beyond all the technologies we might come up with, the most important single step we can do is use less energy and conserve it. A recent report estimates Americans waste 2.9 billion gallons of gas a year idling their cars when stuck in traffic, "vampire" electronics use juice even when we aren't using them, including and especially computer monitors!

For more tips, check out this handy site, or this one, or even here.