"the Cadillac of swallows"

What was the beautiful thing flickering in the air and right above the quiet lap of the river's surface? Maybe, if you were lucky, it was a purple martin. Let's listen to some sing, shall we?

Swallows of the most graceful kind, these flying insectivores winter in Brazil and come up to North America to nest and breed. But a number of factors have harmed their population in the last decades, including competition fro non-native birds.

Caroline Carlsmith's new zine Purple Martins: The Cadillac of Swallows discusses just such issues, and more!

For more information, go visit some of the martin groups online, such as the Purple Martin Conservation Assoc. , Coastal Carolina Purple Martins, and of course Chuck's Purple Martin Page.

And what of flinging scrambled eggs up in the air at these quick birds? Watch the video below to learn more....

- - Click the cover above to download it as PDF to fold and print.

and fascinating little video on Purple Martin conservation ...