Year of Science 2009 / Small Science Collective Zine-a-thon Winners!

After sorting through and reading over the 250 submissions for the 2009 YoS / Small Science Zine-a-thon, we have our winners! (For the full press release, go here)

In fact, their were 32 winners in 11 different topic, and 3 different age categories, with people sending zines from all over the world: from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Marasthra, India; from Bellingham, Washington to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

For a quick peek at the winners by age category, look here:

8-12 (Middle School)
13-17 (High School)
18+ (Adults)

And, there were also some BIG prizes ~ ~

The Grand Prize
best overall zine, which goes to Chen Dou for his zine Meeting a Giant Octopus. A Biodiversity entry from the 13-17 category, we were wowed by how interesting and educational it was to read this zine, and all the craftsmanship put into it. As the judges commented:

"This zine shows great imagination and really helps the reader to connect with the science in a personal way. Yes, the facts about the giant octopus are pretty cool by themselves, but it was also so compelling to imagine what it might be like to have an octopus as a best friend. The front cover is especially inviting and the drawings throughout were so well done."

There were a number of Honorable Mentions in this category that were also stellar, making it so hard to decide - click on the links to read them as web comics:

The Indomitable Water Bear by Alex Chitty

Acids by Rishabh Tripathi

Endosymbiosis by Mary Allison Abad

Dive Deep - the Secret Lives of Freshwater Mussels by Lauren Hughes

Two Prizes also went to zines that excelled specifically in illustrating the Nature and Process of Science. These awards, sponsored by Understanding Science, went to:

Santino Chavez (8-12) for Scientific Methods in Earth Science...

...and Amy Schleser (18+) for her zine Perfect! that explored the process by which we came to understand the shape of planetary orbits.

Here on the Small Science Collective site we will be doing an extensive series of posts about the winning zines over the next few months, making many available for you to read as well as download - so we hope you will come back and visit regularly.

The Small Science Collective wants to give a big thanks to Year of Science 2009 and the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) for all of their tireless energy and enthusiasm in co-organizing the Zine-a-Thon, especially Sheri Potter and Judy Scotchmoor!

Also and of course, a big thanks to all of the judges putting the time and attention to read all of the entries! I know in speaking with all of them, just how much they got from it too. To learn more about the judges, check out their bios here. Many thanks also to the generosity of all of the prize sponsors

The following organizations generously donated prizes for this contest:

(Shodor, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Biological Sciences, American Society for Microbiology, American Society for Photobiology, Banana Slug String Band, Deep Earth Academy - Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Encyclopedia of Life, Entomological Foundation, Geological Society of America, The Intersection, Made With Molecules, National Center for Science Education, NESCent, Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT),, Society of Petroleum Engineers (Energy4me program), University of California Museum of Paleontology, University of California Press, WGBH Educational Foundation, WhaleTimes, Inc., Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy

stay tuned for more.......