Perfect! ~ the Circular History of Planetary Orbits

It was once believed that the heavens were a realm of complete perfection. For this reason, certain shapes like circles were thought to be to rule form and movement.

It is a fascinating history involving our human conceptions, perceptions, and in the end the successes of scientific reasoning that led us to understand the circle in fact is not the King of Celestial Shapes. What are the other shapes and how did we find them out?

To learn about this planetary topic, we suggest checking out a zine by artist and SAIC student Amy Schleser called Perfect! You can read it in comic form by clicking the image here:

- - AND.... If you want to download the printable and foldable PDF version, click here!

Wonderful zine contribution and winner of the "Astronomy" category of this past year's Zine-a-Thon contest - in a word: perfect!