Acid Advice

This last year's Zine-a-Thon generated a startling array of zines of various topics, and one that all of the judges loved was simply called "Acids" by Rishabh Tripathi, a high school student in
Nagpur, India.

Far less exotic perhaps than lattice QCD or dodos, Rishabh's zine conveys just how strange, common (we ourselves are composed on many different kinds of acids), and even dangerous certain acids can be. As the zines summarizes by way introduction:

"Horrible Details: Acids taste horrible and sometimes stink. You wouldn't want to go near some of them. They are strong enough to dissolve the human body!"

This only attests to the diversity of acids and the roles they can play, from flavoring your salad dressing to causing acid rain in the clouds.

To read Rishabh's zine, click the image below:


And to download a PDF format of the zine in foldable form click HERE.