* that crazy-brilliant Tycho Brahe

Many are fond of Copernicus (and his"revolution"), of Kepler and his astronomical ways - even Ptolemy gets a lot of credit for being simply wrong about the relationship of movement between the earth and the sun. But what about Tycho Brahe?

Tycho did remarkably detailed observations, tried his best to resolve issues between Ptolemic and Copernican views of the universe, and above all else made a lovely discovery: a supernova in 1572 that fundamentally changed the way people thought about the physics of the heavens and its changeablity.

Artist Sara Drake has done a wonderful job in the name of scientific biography in her about Brahe. Her zine brings us through the large life of a man devoted to making sense of the puzzling heavens (as well as partying and dueling to the point fo having his nose slashed off - oops, spoiler alert!). But there are plenty more bizarre details to ponder in the zine, so enjoy!

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