The Theory of Sexual Selection


Why the differences between males and females of so many species - be they large horns, flashy feathers, strange songs, or bizarrely long "stalks" in the case of the stalk-eyed flies pictured above?   This question puzzled Charles Darwin even after he came up with his explanation for the diversity of life forms generally - evolution by natural selection.

Many consider Chuck D's solution to this conundrum of male and female traits as equally elegant: sexual selection theory.

(Feeling rusty on the concept? This video from the PBS Evolution series gives a summary of the basics.)

Denny Liu  has designed an attractive zine The Theory of Sexual Selection that gives us a clever and contemporary overview of the many ways evolution has crafted traits, from the notion of "good genes" to nuptial gifts.

To read this zine it as a web comic, click the image below and get a little knowledge ~

(unfortunately, as a 11'' x 17" inch zine it won't work for many home printers but be in touch if you want the PDF.) 

Another zine featured here at SSC also looks at sexual selection theory, check it out  here!

More to come on this topic, so keep an eye out ~